Closing Success Stories

"Hi Steve, with the help of Mike McNamara at United One Resources your credit was re-scored to 722 and your wife's is now at 740. My lock @ 5.125% rate assumed a credit score of 720, so paying down the balances as instructed by United One Resources was a success! Increasing your middle score from 692 to 722 eliminated a 1.25 point add-on or $4,450 to secure the 5.125% rate. If you had gone to the other lender you would have closed with the 692 credit score and paid the piper. United One Resources was then able to conduct the closing within 10 days which was also a big plus!"

United One Resources would like to assist you in creating your own success story, help in reducing your fallout, and get more loans to closing! We have designed a series of seminars in which we meet with lenders, banks, or together with both lenders & realtors to discuss credit rescoring and the potential impact on a lender's ability to close more loans.

United One Resources can assist you with a credit scoring seminar in your office. Contact Mike McNamara directly or visit our section on rescoring on our website at:

Posted by United One Team Member on 9/8/2009

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