Corporate Integrity Documentation

United One offers a variety of corporate integrity documentation services designed for lending and documentation fulfillment. We can help you grow your business through our focus on quality products, personal customer service and advanced technology. United One Resources employs a network of on-staff and subcontract courthouse searchers to retrieve documents at the county or state level. Covered by an extensive errors and omissions policy, our services are used by a wide variety of lenders for their home equity, commercial, mortgage and collection needs.

Our menu of corporate integrity documentation services includes:

State and County UCC Checks

Our service provides a search of the county and/or state records for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings against a business or individual. Our service includes the date of filing, file number, secured party and a description of the collateral as shown in the respective filing. Copies of the UCCs are available upon request.

Motor Vehicle Lien Check

Provides encumbrance information on vehicles, including lien holder name and address.

Certificate of Good Standing

Verifies that a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship is duly authorized to conduct business in the state.

Copies of Articles of Incorporation

Provides names, addresses and social security numbers of the incorporators and the date of incorporation.

Fictitious Name Search

Provides the individual name or entity which has the authority to use a fictitious name within the state.

Environmental Lien Check

Indicates whether or not a property has had a lien placed against it by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Corporate Status

Provides the date of incorporation and the exact name under which the company was incorporated.

Corporate Tax Lien Certificate

Indicates whether the taxes are current for the corporation.

Like the entire family of United Ones' risk management information services, our courthouse records services can be ordered online through our login center. Our reports can be delivered to you via our website or via e-mail with certain courthouse copies delivered via fax.

This product can easily be bundled with the following products and services:

A member of United Ones' team would be pleased to speak with you about this or any of our risk management information services in more detail. Please contact our office at 800-WE-CLOSE, ext. 2830, or send an e-mail to