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Executive Officers

  • Louis J. Cesare - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Sean Higgins - Executive Vice President
  • Chris Behning - Chief Information Officer
  • Lori Brady - Chief Financial Officer
  • Miriam D'Elia - Vice President of Operations
  • Ashley Harostock - Director of Human Resources
  • Donna Czerw - Compliance Manager
  • Julie Phillips - Executive Assistant

Sales and Marketing

  • Jennifer Dennison - Regional Account Executive


  • IT Department - Technical Support Contact

Products and Services

  • Jennifer Collins - Supervisor of Accounting
  • Cindy Dutter - Supervisor of Title Services
  • Shirley Biagioli - Supervisor of Credit Services
  • Jenny Centrella - Appraisal Services
  • Lauren Mishanski - Real Estate Services Team Leader, Customer Service
  • Marie Donahue - Supervisor of Real Estate Services, Quality Control

Credit Services Division

Real Estate Services Division

Title Insurance Services Division

HUD Servicing Team

United One

(Corporate Headquarters)

270 North Sherman Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

United One