Life of Loan Property Tax Monitoring Service

United One Resources' life of loan property tax monitoring service allows lenders to keep track of the real estate tax status on their non-escrow accounts. Life of loan property tax monitoring identifies potential exposure due to property delinquencies. Life of loan property tax monitoring is available to lenders for properties in Pennsylvania.
On an annual basis, we can verify the status of property taxes with the county tax claim office on your non-escrow accounts and notify you if a delinquency exists. This service will continue for the life of the loan, from the date we receive the order until the property is sold, or will terminate upon refinancing.
In the event delinquent property taxes are reported by the county tax claim office, United One Resources will notify the lender of such, along with the amount due at that particular time. Written notification will be forwarded to the lender via first class mail.

An existing customer stated "this service is necessary for the maintenance of their portfolio and has been a huge help in monitoring the accounts they have on file, allowing them to focus on generating new business."
United One Resources' dedicated sales team is available to present a solution to your Property Tax Monitoring needs, please contact Jen Dennison at 570-706-2958, or via email at

Posted by United One Team Member on 1/8/2008

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