The Credit Doctor - October 2007

Has lack of quality subprime mortgage lenders left a great void and created an underserved market within your customer base? Do you have potential borrowers with FICO scores that do not qualify for loan programs?
The market has necessitated taking second and even third looks at your applicants' credit reports and scores. We have found many instances where FICO scores are influenced by inaccuracies on credit reports. We have worked with many of our customers to assist their applicants in clearing up credit files of inaccurate information, oftentimes increasing FICO scores.
United One Resources would like to assist you in maximizing your clients' FICO scores. We have designed a series of seminars in which we meet with groups of lenders, individual lenders, or together both lenders & realtors to discuss credit rescoring and the potential impact on a lenders ability to close more loans.

For More Information Contact:
Mike McNamara
(410) 715-5491

Posted by United One Team Member on 10/11/2007

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