The Credit Doctor - July 2007

The first step in generating credit scores is to create trade lines.  In most instances it requires at least 2-3 trade lines in order to generate credit scores.  We can make many recommendations for those who are immigrants, at a young age or have yet to establish a trade history.   One way young adults can get started is to be added to a few of their parents' accounts as authorized users. However, due to recent issues involving the selling/buying of accounts to be used as authorized user accounts, FICO has stated, that beginning in September, authorized user accounts will not be factored in when scores are calculated. Given this, it is still an important way to establish and begin to build a credit history. Another way is to obtain a secured credit card. When these steps are completed, one can begin the process of applying for additional credit, thus establishing a credit history and credit scores.

We can also help in many cases through the use of non-traditional trade lines.  With proper documentation, we can add trade lines to a United One Resources credit report to show an established payment history. While this process will not help in generating credit scores, depending on the loan program, it may satisfy the trade line requirements.

Additionally, I can personally assist you with the process by providing you with proven methods in getting higher scores.  I have done thousands of rapid re-scores and would be happy to suggest additional ways to get your desired results.  Please call me for more information on helping you borrowers establish credit or to schedule a credit score seminar.

For More Information Contact:
Mike McNamara
(410) 715-5491

Posted by United One Team Member on 7/19/2007

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