Appraisal Services

United One provides appraisal services to banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. Our research helps your lender determine the value of your property.

Occasionally, a consumer may have a dispute over the value of their home. If this happens to you, please contact your lender. Ask them to contact our appraisal staff to review the appraisal. If necessary, we would be happy to have a conference call with you and your lender to discuss the situation. Due to our contractual relationship with our customers, we cannot discuss the situation directly with you.

In accordance with federal lending law, you can obtain a copy of your appraisal for your records. Please contact your lender for specific details.

A knowledgeable and friendly United One team member would be pleased to talk to you about your title insurance needs. Please click here to request a phone call or more information.

If you are a current or prospective customer of United One, please visit our product page for more information on appraisal services.